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Uba Tuba

Uba Tuba

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This one grew from Beth's (Peppermania) mystery seeds. The official name is Ubatuba Cambuci (PI 497974) named after a town in Brazil from whence it came. But it goes by many names including Balloon Christmas Bell Pimenta Cambuci Campane Peri Peri Aji Flor Orchid and Bishops Hat to name a few!! This very unusual pod shaped variety is believed to have been transferred from South America to Europe by the Portuguese in the 18th century. The plants are quite large growing 3 to 4 ft tall and produce 30 to 50 extremely weird 3 or 4 flat winged wrinkled almost flying saucer like 1 ½\ wide pods. The flesh of each pod is thin although crisp to taste and they mature from green to red approximately 90-100 days after seedlings have emerged. The body of the pods have some detectable heat

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