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Dragon's Breath

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A somewhat mysterious chile alleged to be the world's hottest. The plant was developed in England in a collaboration between chili farmer Neal Price, NPK Technology, and Nottingham Trent University during a test of a special plant food and for its essential oil having potential as a skin anesthetic.

The Dragon's Breath plant was later cultivated by breeder Mike Smith of St. Asaph, Denbighshire, United Kingdom, who said that he had not planned to breed the chili for record heat, but rather was trying to grow an attractive pepper plant. The pepper was named Dragon's Breath after the Welsh dragon. Allegedly tested at 2.48 million SHUs. That would make it hotter than the current Guinness World Record holder the Carolina Reaper, bred by Ed Currie. Allegedly, the Dragon's Breath was surpassed several months later by Ed Currie's Pepper X at 3.18 million SHUs, but no one can say for sure if Pepper X really exists.

Seeds were sourced from Chillibobs in the UK.

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