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AAS Collection

AAS Collection

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Some of the All-America Selections® (AAS) award winners that we carry.

All-America Selections® was founded in 1932 and continues as the oldest independent testing organization in North America. Every year new, never-before-sold varieties are trialed in the AAS Trial Grounds and professional horticulturists determine which varieties will be deemed winners based on their garden performance. The package includes the following named varieties, and following the name is the year they won their AAS award:

1. NuMex Easter 2013
2. Cajun Belle 2010
3. Holy Mole F2 2007
4. Chilly Chili F2 2002
5. Superchile 1988
6. Mexibell 1988
7. Super Cayenne 1990

NOTE: If a variety is sold out on the website, it is not available for the collections either. We reserve the right to make reasonable substitutions in the event a variety is sold out.