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7 Pot Rennie

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This unusual 7 Pot variety from Trinidad was introduced to America in late 2012 by Armac of The Hot Pepper and Chili Grower forums. Here is his story about the origin on this pepper:

I have a buddy at work that is from Grenada his name is Rennie his wife is from Trinidad. Her family was nice enough to collect the hottest pepper they could find dry them and send me the seeds. I passed out some seeds to friends and to 2 reputable seed vendors (Old Barn Nursery..Chiligrower and Pepperlover...Judy). they are about the 3rd hottest pepper he has ever had. We decided to name them only to be able to segregate them as they grow in case they turned up to be unusual.
This may not be the newest hottest pepper but it is a wild pepper brought in from Trinidad about 7 or 8 months back...enjoy Thanks to Armac for sending me some seeds.

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