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Ordering Information Page

We strive to provide quality seed at a great value for gardeners and hobby farmers.

Most packets contain 20 seeds and cost $5.00. Shipping charges are built in, so there are no extra shipping charges on domestic orders. International shipping is $5.00

Due to a recent change in postal processing, I have had to increase prices. All outgoing mail now goes through Kansas City and they will not allow a small bubble envelope through without paying package prices, regardless of what the postal regulations say. Needless to say, prices have to go up when what used to ship for $0.69 now costs $2.67. Sorry for the increase.

Check out the catalog to see what varieties are available. I have a few other seeds laying around too.  If you don't see what you want, just ask.

Growing information is available on our growing tips page. Please print a copy and follow the directions for best results.

Payment options: Credit cards, Paypal and Money Orders.

We guarantee that our seeds are true to the description and that they will meet USDA germination requirements.  If you are not completely satisfied, return your unused seeds for a full refund.

Midwest Chileheads LLC will in no case be liable for more than the amount actually paid to us for seeds. Heat levels are dependent on growing conditions and we cannot guarantee that one pepper variety will be hotter than another variety when grown in your garden.

Our Mailing Address is:

Midwest Chileheads LLC
4218 SE Tecumseh Road
Tecumseh, Kansas 66542-9588