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Calvin's 2.0

Calvin's 2.0

  • $13.00

This is version 2 of Calvin's powder - a 3rd place winner in the dried chiles - dry spice catagory in the 2010 Hot Pepper awards. Those of you on the chile-heads list at may remember the original created and sold briefly by Calvin Donaghey from Abilene, TX. Tragically, Calvin developed a chile allergy and had to drift away from El Grande. But people still wanted his powder and thanks to Tom Greaves we are bringing it back.

The ingredients on the original label include Habanero, Aji Amarillo, Rocoto, Hawaiian, Tepin, Cayenne, Numex, Serrano, Thai and Others. No additives or preservatives. We are making it the same way with the same chiles.

Some say it is way hot, and others say it is just moderate.  I say use in moderation. $13.00 buys a 1 oz. baggie.  Sorry, you have to find your own shaker bottle.
For recipes using Calvin's, go <a href="">here</a>.

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